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Sacramento Court Reporters

Carol Nygard & Associates’ Sacramento location is right off Interstate 5, just minutes from the airport, Downtown Sacramento, the Sacramento County Superior Court, the Federal Courthouse and the California State Capitol. Not only does it host depositions and other meetings at this location, but it also serves as the Premier Document Depository in the Sacramento area.

Carol Nygard & Associates’ Sacramento court reporters office boasts 5 spacious and well-appointed conference and meeting rooms. Lunch, refreshments and snacks make your business day a pleasure when spent with us. We also offer fast Wi-Fi, color copiers and scanners, easy teleconferencing, and attentive, friendly and professional staff who will always be available to assist you with any needs that might arise during your deposition or meeting.

Sacramento Court Reporting Services

Transcript Repository Available 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Simply log in and view or download any deposition you’ve ever set with Carol Nygard & Associates. We maintain an online repository of all your transcripts and exhibits. You can also view upcoming depositions in your cases or schedule new ones, as well as view and pay invoices online.

Document Depository

Carol Nygard & Associates is Sacramento’s preferred Document Depository host.

Whether your case is a large construction defect case with many parties’ documents to manage and distribute or a case with many parties to the action with a significant number of documents to manage, Carol Nygard & Associates can host your online document depository and provide easy access to participants in the case.

Professional, Friendly Court Reporters

Carol Nygard & Associates work with the best court and deposition reporters in the area, reporters who are hardworking, responsible and will produce your transcript on your schedule.

These reporters have experience in all aspects of litigation, whether it be construction, medical malpractice, complex civil litigation, whatever the case may be.

We have experienced real-time reporters, and quick to work with counsel to get the day’s work done efficiently.

Videotaped Depositions

Carol Nygard & Associates work with several licensed legal videography firms in our local service area as well as maintain many contacts with licensed legal videographers throughout the United States. We leave the videography to the video experts. These companies are full-service companies who can edit, sync the video to the transcript, maintain backups, and they use trial software to work alongside the attorney to do trial preparation and presentation. Carol Nygard & Associates regularly work with the following videographers in the local area: Sacramento Legal Video Center, Capital Legal Video and Strategic Multimedia; however, we work with many others as well.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting is the instant display of the court reporter’s text on an iPad or a laptop computer. Attorneys can use this service to simply view the testimony as it’s given. They can scroll back to review previous testimony live during the deposition.

Attorneys who understand the benefits of Real-Time reporting put it to use in every deposition they take. If it’s worthwhile at all, it’s worthwhile every time. Each case has its own areas of interest that the attorney can set up and plug into each deposition in a case and by using keywords and highlighting techniques they can generate a very useful deposition summary memorializing those very issues.

Real-Time Reporting is a very helpful litigation support tool. This service is not free, but it more than pays for itself.

Virtual Depositions

Videoconferencing is communicating face-to-face from two or more different locations. If you need to take a deposition of a witness or a party to a case in another state or even country, it will cost money for transportation, hotels, car rentals, etc.

By contacting Carol Nygard & Associates, we can facilitate that deposition and you won’t have to leave your office. We can arrange for videographers and videoconferencing software in the remote location as well as in your physical location for a very affordable price, thereby saving tremendous amounts of money, time and resources.

One of the main reasons an attorney travels to take a deposition of a witness in a remote location is to view the witness and get a feel for their presentation. You can do all that remotely…and virtually…and save your client money and save yourself the hassle. It just makes sense.

Close to Sacramento Attractions

Sacramento is home to California’s State Capitol, the Golden 1 Center, the Sacramento Kings, the Sacramento International Airport, Old Sacramento, California State Railroad Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Sutter’s Fort and many fabulous hotels, restaurants, and shopping.